Mercedes-Benz Announces the Electric G-Class

The iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class will get an "electric soul".

Global trends and strict requirements for CO2 emissions are forcing automakers to switch their models to electric traction. Now it is time for Mercedes-Benz to think about the fate of the iconic G-Class, which stands out from the rest models of the company.

Mercedes-Benz Announces the Electric G-Class photo 2

According to Mercedes-Benz Cars CEO Ola Källenius, the zero-emission version of the G-class will be released in a few years. The designers have already prepared the first sketches for the modification, and the engineers are working hard to create the electric concept.

Moreover, there have been rumors in recent years that it is planned to phase out production of the G-Class, despite the fact that demand for this model is constantly growing. Global sales of the G-class have grown by 60% (to 35,000 copies) over the past year. Mercedes intends to take the iconic SUV to a new level and significantly increase production, releasing an all-electric version.

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