Mercedes Plans to Lay Off 15,000 Employees

This is much more than previously thought.

Last fall, Mercedes-Benz announced that it would cut at least 10,000 jobs by the end of 2022 to reduce annual costs by about €1.4 billion. Daimler’s new CEO decided to «tighten the screws» even tighter.

Mercedes Plans to Lay Off 15,000 Employees photo 2

With reference to its own sources in Daimler, Handelsblatt reports that now we are talking about the dismissal of 15,000 employees. In addition, the automaker will refuse to invest in unprofitable projects that are not related to its main business and remove several models from the current line-up. In particular, the flagship S-Class family will no longer have coupes and convertibles. The future of the B-Class is also in question, and the X-Class will definitely not be produced.

Daimler does not comment on Handelsblatt's information, but the conglomerate will hold an annual press conference tomorrow, where it will tell about its plans for the near future.

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