Mercedes-Benz Presents ‘Transparent’ EQC SUV

The demonstration prototype was created by 40 interns of the company.

Mercedes-Benz has introduced the “transparent” EQC SUV. 40 interns of the company make it possible to look inside the model by cutting holes in the body and illuminating it with LED strips.

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The “transparent” car was built by 40 trainees of the Daimler AG training center. It is based on a pre-production prototype of the EQC 400. To examine the design of the model from the inside, the interns cut holes in the right side of the car body. It took 36 hours to complete the job and another 50 hours to smooth metal edges and then paint and polish the body.

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To illuminate the insides of the car, Daimler’s trainees placed 15 meters of LED strip around the work area. Besides, the electric SUV features about 50 meters of wiring for power cables and two microcontrollers for regulating the LED backlight. Over the next 24 hours, engineers brought three LED strips to the back of the car and connected them to the taillights. The trainees installed tablets in the car to explain the design of the prototype.

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The Mercedes-Benz E was released in 2019. The electric SUV is available in the EQC400 version, which is intended for the global market, and the EQC350 version, which is sold in China. The older model is equipped with two electric motors, which produce 420 hp. Its drive range is 417 km. The Chinese version is equipped with a 286-hp powertrain and also travels 417 km on a single charge.

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Earlier, a team of Mercedes-Benz engineers presented a prototype of the Mercedes-Benz EPC prepared for harsh off-road conditions. The experimental car was named the Mercedes-Benz EQC 4x4. It is not yet known whether the exclusive model will be mass produced.

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