Mercedes to Stop Producing Its Electric SUV

Today, car manufacturers are forced to reduce senseless expenses and even abandon some models. It is also affecting Mercedes’ electric cars.

It seems that the future of our transport is predetermined. We seem to be moving into a world of sockets, high-capacity batteries, and endless wires. But Mercedes has been showing us an alternative path to the end.

The Mercedes GLC F-Cell is a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle that has entered a new wave of studies on the use of the most promising fuel in the world of green transport.

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In addition to a traditional fuel cell and a hydrogen tank, the company decided to go further. The Mercedes-Benz GLC was equipped with an 13.5-kwhr battery pack to allow the owner to replenish the energy supply with the help of an external electrical network.

Thus, the GLC F-Cell turned out to be a fuel cell plug-in hybrid, if that's even possible. The technological know-how turned out to be so expensive and difficult to manufacture that the company decided to put an end to this venture.

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Production of the Mercedes GLC F-Cell will stop in the near future. The cost of expensive development could not be recouped due to high sales. After all, hydrogen stations still have not appeared in many countries as much as the designers wanted, so it would be a pointless idea to put such a car on the market.

For this reason, the Mercedes GLC F-Cell was available on a long-term lease (mainly in Germany), but this program was decided to be discontinued. Perhaps, Mercedes will return to the development of such transport in the future. Some companies are showing more and more interest in this area.

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