MINI Shows First Image of Its Own Minivan

So far, this is only a concept.

MINI has released a teaser of a new concept called Vision Urbanaut — and it does not look like any of the brand's previous models. The word Vision in the name means that we have a “vision of the future”, perhaps not as far away as it seems at first glance.

MINI Shows First Image of Its Own Minivan photo 2

The MINI Vision Urbanaut is a compact van, similar in proportions to the shuttle of the American startup Canoo. The wheels placed at the corners of the body hint at its electric nature, and the words “urban” and “oasis” in the description indicate a transformable interior. The idea of transforming the space in accordance with the needs of the owner or user (if we are talking about car sharing) is not new, but with the development of autopilot systems, it can be brought to a new level, according to manufacturers.

An indirect confirmation of this concept is teaser images of the new model. You can notice the car interior, stylized as a lounge area. However, it is still unclear whether the concept foreshadows a production model, or still represents a free fantasy on the topic of urban mobility of the future. Details will be announced tomorrow.

MINI Shows First Image of Its Own Minivan photo 3

As for Canoo, the company is going to distribute its vehicle only by subscription. Residents of the United States will be able to try out the car first, and residents of China will get the model only next year. The platform of the shuttle is a traditional “skateboard” for electric models, which houses all the electronics and even a climate control system. It is complemented by a frame-panel body made of thermoplastic and a completely transparent interior dome.

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