Mirror Disc Brake Rotors With Wear Control

The new development is designed for electric vehicles.

Brembo has developed new disc brake rotors with an innovative coating that allows achieving a mirror effect on the finished product and maintaining braking efficiency at the same time.

Mirror Disc Brake Rotors With Wear Control photo 2

The new rotors are called Greentive. They are based on the technology of high-speed flame spraying (High-Velocity-OxyFuel), which allows achieving a mirror effect, as well as extend the service life. According to the designers, they will produce less metal dust, which in turn will have a positive impact on the environment, since the new rotors are less susceptible to wear.

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In addition to a unique composition, the engineers have applied a special logo of the company, which is a kind of wear indicator. As the replacement time approaches, the brand logo will gradually disappear. In addition, the new mirror coating increases the corrosion resistance of the rotors.

First of all, Greentive rotors are designed for electric vehicles. Experts say that they are ready to make products for solid, ventilated or perforated brakes. Currently, a release date and a cost of the mirror rotors are unknown.

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In November 2019, a car enthusiast from the United States showed on video the process of making spoke-less wheels from epoxy resin. He installed LEDs that light up with colors for effect while driving in the resulting transparent structure.

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