Mitsubishi’s Luxury Rival to the New Toyota Supra: What the Modern 3000GT May Look Like

If you delve into Mitsubishi's current line-up, you will notice one notable fact –there are no sports cars.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer had a wide range of truly high performance models in the late 1990s and early 2000s, they decided to abandon this direction today. The Lancer Evolution lasted the longest on the world markets. The Eclipse was sent to the pages of history a little earlier: today, the model is represented by an SUV. However, we will speak about an even older sports coupe named the Mitsubishi 3000GT, which was forgotten even earlier and could not enter the new millennium.

Mitsubishi 4000GT Mitsubishi 4000GT

The Japanese sports car of the early ‘90's, which made Ferrari nervous, had very serious specifications for that time and all modern technologies, but never found its logical continuation. While, for example, Toyota took the decisive step by releasing a new generation of the legendary Supra, Mitsubishi could also think about a successor to the 3000GT. This opinion was supported by the designer Matthew Parsons, who presented his concept called the 4000GT. The car could well see the green light, given the company's recent close collaboration with manufacturers such as Renault and Nissan.

Mitsubishi 4000GT Mitsubishi 4000GT

One of the sharpest differences between the original and the rendering is a shift away from smoother surfaces and lines that defined sports cars of the ‘90s. The 4000GT has stiff, sharp creases and prominent wheel arches. The next obvious difference is the front and rear overhangs. The 3000GT featured overhangs of the same size, but the 4000GT has a clearly shortened back and an elongated front. Thus, the long hood gives the car a more sporty and aggressive look than that of its predecessor.

Mitsubishi 4000GT Mitsubishi 4000GT

While the artist changes the car proportions, the design of the front end and back end remains similar to the original style of the car. The front end is equipped with retractable headlights, which look like full-fledged running lights when closed. The back end is still slightly different from the original. It features redesigned taillights in the form of a long LED strip across the entire back, above which a huge wing with curved edges rises.

Mitsubishi’s Luxury Rival to the New Toyota Supra: What the Modern 3000GT May Look Like photo 2

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