Morgan Ends Production of 1950 Sports Car

Morgan has announced that it is ending production of the Plus 4.

As a sign of this, the company has introduced a special version of the sports car — the Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition — which will be released in a circulation of only 20 copies.

Morgan Ends Production of 1950 Sports Car photo 2

The Morgan Plus 4 is a model with a rich history: it appeared back in 1950 (Morgan had already ended its production twice, and then, years later, revived). Now the British automaker has announced a second completion of the Plus 4 production (this will end the era of Morgan models on a steel chassis, as the company will build new cars on an aluminum one) and a special, farewell version of the car that is called the Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition.

The special version will receive, in particular, a special body and wheels color and a gold-plated chassis. In addition, the car will be equipped with an Aero Racing performance exhaust system and a two-liter Ford Duratec engine boosted to 182 hp (in comparison with the standard model (156 hp)). According to Morgan, this roadster accelerates to 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds.

The farewell version of the Morgan Plus 4 will be released in April (its production will begin in February), despite the fact that all 20 copies have already been sold.

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