Mustang Bullitt Sold for $3.4 Million

Movie cars often become collectibles, but $3.4 million is too much even for such lots.

The 1968 Ford Mustang GT from ‘Bullitt’ has found a new owner. However, the buyer, who has paid a considerable amount of money for the car, wants to remain incognito.

Bullitt Ford Mustang GT Bullitt Ford Mustang GT

To date, this car is the most expensive Ford Mustang sold at auction. At the same time, the previous owner paid for the car just $3,500. Not a bad investment, is it?

Mustang Bullitt Sold for $3.4 Million photo 2

The fact is that the original Ford Mustang GT from ‘Bullitt’ was considered lost forever for several decades. In 2018, Ford even released a nostalgic special version based on the current model in honor of the 50th anniversary of the popular movie. Just a few weeks after the release of the Mustang Bullitt Edition, the original car was unexpectedly found.

Mustang Bullitt Sold for $3.4 Million photo 3

It turned out that the sports car, which has become an icon for many today, was used as a car for every day by an elderly couple named Kiernan. Now, the former owner Sean Kiernan said that he had received several offers to buy the Mustang from the actor Steve McQueen, who was the main character in ‘Bullitt’. However, the offer was rejected each time and McQueen eventually abandoned the idea.

Mustang Bullitt Sold for $3.4 Million photo 4

After the Mustang wound up on the odometer 74,000 km in 1981, the Kiernan left the car in the garage and then forgot about it until 2018, just in time to make good money on it.

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