Mysterious Bugatti Hypercar Revealed

A unique racing Bugatti has been spotted on the Circuit Paul Ricard.

Photospies have managed to reveal design of the mysterious Bugatti hypercar, teasers of which the French company has been sharing for a week. As expected, we are talking about a racing car with aggressive aerodynamics, which is not designed for use on public roads. The online premiere of the new model will take place on October 28.

Mysterious Bugatti Hypercar Revealed photo 2

The uncompromising Bugatti has unusual X-shaped taillights, an aerodynamic “fin” (like that of sports prototypes for endurance racing), a massive spoiler and a new appearance package. It is difficult to study the new body in detail: these spy shots were taken from afar, and the perception is also hindered by camouflage film.

It is assumed that the car will be based on the Chiron, but its chassis, body, and cockpit are made lighter for the sake of handling. Probably, the designers managed to achieve a specific mass of the car equal to 0.67: this ratio can be achieved if you boost a 8.0-liter W16 to 1,600 hp and reduce curb weight by half to 1,072 kg.

Bugatti CEO Stefan Winkelmann indirectly confirmed the journalists' guesses about the ultralight hypercar.

Bugatti has been closely associated with motorsport and aviation for more than 110 years — and early models show clear parallels with these two areas. This includes open mechanisms, a lightweight design, a good power-to-weight ratio, as well as the first attempts to improve aerodynamics

the CEO said ahead of the presentation of the new hypercar.

Mysterious Bugatti Hypercar Revealed photo 3

Bugatti plans to fully declassify the yet unnamed hypercar on October 28. There is no doubt that the car was built in a single copy on an individual order, which means that its price may be comparable to the record-breaking La Voiture Noire.

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