NASA Opens a Tender for a Lunar Rover

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is preparing a moon mission called Artemis.

Astronauts will need a reliable transport to move on a rocky surface; it should to be necessarily electric and preferably robotic.

NASA Opens a Tender for a Lunar Rover photo 2

The launch of the Artemis mission is scheduled for 2024, and the search for «lunar rovers» is already actively underway.

The space agency requests to submit for consideration the concepts of robotic mobile systems for transporting equipment on the lunar surface in order to conduct important scientific research on large areas, including those where people will not be able to reach on their own

said NASA in an open appeal.

The transport requirements do not provide for a sealed interior; rather, it will be a roadster. But it is important that the vehicle has as long all-electric range as possible. Astronauts in spacesuits can move away from the base for a maximum of 800 m, and with transport — more than 15 km.

We want to involve industry leaders in the field of all-terrain vehicles and electric vehicles in the process. The experience gained will be useful not only for the space industry. We are committed to making our all-terrain rovers use and drive innovations in electric vehicle energy storage and management, autonomous driving and extreme environment resistance

says Marshall Smith, director of human lunar exploration programs in the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.

Ii is worth noting that Lexus showed seven design concepts of moon rovers before the announcement of NASA. However, they are all too futuristic for the Artemis mission.

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