New Cadillac Escalade Shod In Stamped Wheels

This SUV equipped with simple metal wheels was spotted in the United States.

Stamped wheels are a typical attribute of low-cost cars, but an American photographer managed to capture a new Cadillac Escalade shod in them.

New Cadillac Escalade Shod In Stamped Wheels photo 2

Stamped wheels are installed, as a rule, only on low-cost cars or a basic configuration of models slightly higher than the entry level. Steel stamped wheels are simple and inexpensive to produce, but they are very heavy compared to light-alloy wheels and, of course, look unattractive. In the premium segment, they are used only as a temporary solution, with which you can get to the nearest tire shop in an emergency. However, the American photographer Justin Quinn Jacobson captured a new Cadillac Escalade shod in stamped wheels near a dealership in the US.

As The Drive found out, the SUV with large steel wheels photographed in the parking lot of a GM dealership does not represent the basic configuration of the Escalade, as one might think. It is also impossible to order stamped wheels for it. The fact is that these are temporary transport wheels, in which the SUV is put on during transportation on a car carrier. Otherwise, the Escalade shod in 22-inch alloy wheels will simply not fit in height. Wheels and tires for the SUV are transported separately, and stamped steel wheel are then sent back to GM.

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