New Chinese Electric Vehicle with 600-km All-Electric Range

The new Roewe Ei6 announced itself loudly. But there is a little information about it. Let’s take a look at it.

Don't you think the whole thing with electric vehicles has slowed down a bit? It seems that customers are no longer asking for anything. Perhaps, they just don't know what else to wish for, do they? Did you want a 500-km all-electric range? Tesla seems to be coping. Did you want a fast and luxury car? You can already buy a Porsche Taycan. Today, the electric vehicle can be anything: a sports car, an SUV, or a compact hatchback.

Roewe Ei6 Roewe Ei6

Is the society sated and finally used to the fact that the EV is normal and already somewhat standard? And there is nothing unusual about them. It even seems that once-ambitious Chinese startups have lost interest in the competition with EV giants and have stopped designing models in the style of the “Tesla killer”. Yes, we have seen all this. Meanwhile, Tesla went over a 600-km range. Allegedly…

Chinese newcomers are no longer eager to show their potential. Therefore, Roewe, the watchman of the Chinese auto world, enters the arena. The company is a fairly formal successor to Rover, which no longer exists. SAIC tried to buy this brand but snatched only MG, which safely moved to China. But today we will talk about the Roewe Ei6. This is a new Chinese electric vehicle with a promised range of 605 km.

Roewe Ei6 Roewe Ei6

This is a lot for any EV and quite enough to challenge Tesla. However, as it often happens with Chinese cars, the new Roewe will probably not be able to prove its capabilities. The data by tradition is provided in accordance with the NEDC. This means that the Roewe Ei6 will be able to overcome about 600 km only on a laboratory stand. In the real world, the indicator will drop to 350 km or so. It is not much to compete with the Tesla Model 3 but enough for the average electric vehicle. Besides, it is easy to find a dozen Chinese models with similar specifications. So, SAIC’s domestic market is full of new cars.

The engine power is 184 hp. Is there anything else to report about this model? It enters will be released along with two other modifications: the hybrid Roewe ei6 Max and the fully petrol Roewe i6 Max. The sedan is powered by a 1.5-liter 173-hp engine. The hybrid variant is powered by the similar unit and an electric. Its total power output is more than 300 hp. As for their dimensions, these modifications are somewhat between the VW Passat and the Skoda Octavia. But the European models are technically more refined and, as a result, much more expensive.

Rover 75 Rover 75

Well, SAIC, nice try. Good luck! Although we still remember Rover a little different.

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