The New Electric Volkswagen Does Not Pass the Tests

The software of the Volkswagen ID.3 spits out 300 errors per day.

The Volkswagen ID.3, an electric hatchback, was supposed to be released this summer. However, according to Manager Magazine, a German monthly business magazine, the release of the model may be delayed for another year. During the tests, the company found problems with the software of the electric vehicle.

The New Electric Volkswagen Does Not Pass the Tests photo 2

According to the publication, VW’s testers record 300 failures and errors per day. The software development was affected by the rush. As a result, many elements of the system do not perceive each other, what leads to numerous failures.

A team of more than 10,000 programmers and engineers is trying to solve the problem. The working day of the company's team and management begins with a half-hour meeting. Meanwhile, the factory in Zwickau has assembled tens of thousands of the ID.3 hatchbacks, the software of which will have to be updated. And this is an additional materials cost. Besides, the delay in the start of sales will lead to a reduction in the overall level of harmful emissions for the model range.

To somehow avoid fines, the company's management decided to sell electric vehicles to their own car-sharing service WeShare. But even this may not save the manufacturer from fines for violating environmental regulations of the European Union.

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