The New Ford Bronco Is Already Declassified

Design of the Ford Bronco Sport, one of the two new-generation SUVs, has already been declassified a few weeks before its official premiere.

Photos of the SUV were published on the web-site Broncosportforum. The pre-production prototype of the Bronco Sport is similar to the current Land Rover Defender in the angular body, headlights and small glazing area. The car has a two-color body with a black contrasting roof, a wide black plastic border underneath and a massive bumper. Judging by the ground clearance, the Bronco Sport will feature a good passability.

The New Ford Bronco Is Already Declassified photo 2

It is known that the new model is built on the platform of the Ford Escape/Kuga SUV, although the standard Bronco is based on the Ranger. Both SUVs will be available with a three- and five-door body. Plus, the older model will have removable doors and a roof.

The New Ford Bronco Is Already Declassified photo 3

It is assumed that the Bronco Sport will receive the Ford Escape’s three- and four-cylinder EcoBoost engines with a power output of 180-250 hp. While the «senior» Bronco will get a 271-hp engine from the Ranger and a 10-speed automatic transmission. It will also be the first to appear before the public: the premiere is expected before the end of this month. The Bronco Sport will debut a little bit later, but it will be the first model to be released in the market. Its release is scheduled before the end of this year, the Ford Bronco will be out in 2021.

The New Ford Bronco Is Already Declassified photo 4

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