The New Volkswagen Golf GTI to Arrive in Geneva

Volkswagen will present two new Golf cars at the GIMS at once: the Golf GTI and Golf GTD.

The premiere of the new-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI was expected in October, 2019. However, it was delayed for 4 months. Announcing the long-awaited event, VW has published an image of the «nose» of the new model, which looks almost the same as the diesel Golf GTD. The only difference is in the other nameplate and the red stripe connecting the headlights.

The New Volkswagen Golf GTI to Arrive in Geneva photo 2

Specifications of the new Golf are kept secret. In all likelihood, the phrase «The turbo engine of the Volkswagen Golf GTI will exceed all expectations» hides a 250-hp unit.

The top-end Golf TCR and Golf R will be unveiled later. The first vehicle is expected to have a 300-hp engine, the second one — at least 333 hp with a boost up to 400 hp. As for the Golf GTD, it will get a 2-liter 200-hp unit.

All information about the new Volkswagen models will be available on March 3, during the event «Volkswagen Night», which traditionally precedes the start of the GIMS.

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