Nissan Is Going to Change the Logo

Nissan thinks about changing its logo. This is evidenced by new trademark applications registered in the United Kingdom, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.

Besides, applications for a new logo, which will be used with Z-Series cars, have appeared in Canada and New Zealand. Now, having become more minimalistic, it does not feature chrome plated elements and three-dimensional design as the previous logo.

Nissan Is Going to Change the Logo photo 2

Instead, the alleged new Nissan logo will be two-dimensional and monochrome with a sans-serif font for the company's name surrounded at the top and bottom by arcs with thin dots. It retains the central position and circular shape, but it is clearly an evolution from the current, more voluminous logo. This is a reminder of the efforts made by other automakers to modernize their image using simpler and cleaner forms.

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We actually got our first look at the new logo when the Nissan Ariya concept was presented at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show. The lighting on the electric SUV logo almost exactly matches the new applications, which make us believe that this new important element of the brand will be the introduced soon.

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