This 1,600,000-km Nissan Is in Very Good Condition

Nissan USA spoke about a 12.5-year-old Frontier, which had so far driven 1.6 million km. It is noteworthy that the car still looks “fresh”.

This Nissan Frontier was purchased by Chicago resident and professional driver Brian Murphy in June 2007. Every day, the 62-year-old owner spends about 13 hours at the wheel and drives an average of 124,000 km a year, while an average American of the same age travels about 25,000 km in 12 months. Hence, the car got such a mileage in a relatively short time.

Nissan Frontier with a 1,600,000-km mileage Nissan Frontier with a 1,600,000-km mileage

Murphy said he had had no doubt that his Nissan Frontier would have traveled 1 million miles (1.6 million km). According to the owner, the secret to success is that he always drives carefully and changes oil every 16,000 km.

At the same time, the pickup is in very good condition, which is very rare for cars with such mileage. Over the years of operation, this Nissan has not had any serious repairs; only those components for which wear over the years is commonplace were replaced. The list includes:

  • A radiator and an alternator (replacement was carried out after approximately 720,000 km);
  • A driver's seat (800,000 km);
  • A timing chain (1.12 million km, a preventive replacement);
  • An engine clutch (1.28 million km).
This 1,600,000-km Nissan Is in Very Good Condition photo 2

The owner of the Nissan with a record mileage said that he will continue to drive it.

My pickup truck deserves a rest, but I have to work

said Murphy.

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