Sony not to Produce Electric Cars

The concept presented by Sony was designed only to demonstrate the company's ability to produce individual components.

With all its appearance, the Vision S seems to say that anyone can build an electric car today, having enough funds for this. To enter the market is another matter.

Sony Vision S concept Sony Vision S concept

From the very name of the concept, it was clear that it would not have future production. However, the appearance of the rather detailed car from the well-known brand caused an active discussion on Sony's entry into the automotive market segment.

Izumi Kawanishi, the project owner, dispelled all speculation, having explained that this concept was only Sony’s means of demonstrating electronic components for EVs. It was “the company's contribution to the evolution”, he said.

In an interview with Impress Watch, he explained that Sony closely monitors the development of not only the electronics industry but also related industries. Evolutionary changes are brewing in the automotive industry and Sony wants to be ready for it. The company believes that transport will eventually become more technological and digital and will rapidly move from “the first mobile phones” to “smartphones”.

The Sony Vision S showcases some of the company's promising car technologies, e.g. a new autonomous control system based on a complex of 33 sensors and scanners. In addition, the electric car was provided with a large number of monitors, including a pair of screens instead of side view mirrors and additional displays for the rear passengers. The concept also features a speaker system that creates a panoramic sound effect thanks to the built-in speakers in each of the four seats.

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