Old Tires to Be Punctured Right at Technical Inspection

Georgia will ban the use of tires older than 10 years.

Starting from April 1, 2020, Georgia will ban the operation of automobile tires that were manufactured more than 10 years ago.

Old Tires to Be Punctured Right at Technical Inspection photo 2

According to Head of safety Department at Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Shalva Uriadmkopeli, tires produced more than a decade ago will be specially damaged during the inspection, even if these tires are still in good condition.

Although tires may look good when stored properly, they still have time restrictions on use. Use of tires older than 10 years from the date of manufacture is not recommended. This is also true for new tires, which for some reason have been stored in warehouses for quite a long time.

It is worth noting that the Department for Transport (DfT) of Great Britain is also considering the possibility of introducing a legislative ban on the operation of buses, trucks and minibuses with tires aged 10 years or older.

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