Plastic Camshaft: Engineers Have Found a Way to Reduce the Cost of the Car

It is proposed to make cars cheaper by replacing the aluminum camshaft with a composite one.

The plastic camshaft module was developed and manufactured by a group of engineers that included specialists from the Fraunhofer ICT, Daimler and the MAHLE Group. European plastic manufacturers also participated in the project: SBHPP/Vyncolit and the Georges Pernoud Group.

Plastic Camshaft: Engineers Have Found a Way to Reduce the Cost of the Car photo 2

A fiber-reinforced thermosetting polymer was used to make the prototype. Despite the fact that this material is four times inferior in strength to the traditionally used aluminum, the construction turned out to be no less durable. The developers reinforced the places of the greatest load with aluminum inserts.

The prototype withstood 600 hours of operation under high temperatures, mechanical and chemical influences. It has shown that it is suitable for use in modern ICEs. As it turned out during testing, the plastic module absorbs noise and vibrations better. It also helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by reducing weight. Plus, located at the top of the engine, it allows not only reducing the weight of the car but also reducing the center of gravity.

Besides, the casting technology allows reducing the cost of production, avoiding the assembly process, and significantly reducing the finishing process. This will significantly reduce the cost of electricity, tooling and equipment, in particular for casting molds and labor costs. All this together will reduce the cost of the car.

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