Polestar 2 Has Another Defect

Earlier, the company already recalled all sold EVs due to complaints from owners.

Polestar continues facing problems. The company already recalled all Polestar 2 fastbacks due to customer complaints about a faulty inverter. No, the model has another trouble with a high-voltage coolant heater (HVCH).

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A few weeks earlier, Polestar sent 4,586 electric vehicles for repair, 2,000 of which were returned to customers. These cars failed almost immediately after purchase: power turned off due to a software failure and it was impossible to restart the system. The cause was a defective inverter.

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The new recall is related to a coolant heater, which is responsible for heating the interior and high-voltage battery. According to INSIDEEVs, the campaign starts on November 2 and will affect 3,150 Polestar 2 vehicles.

Polestar is not the only automaker that faces such problems when launching a new model. For example, Volkswagen suspended deliveries of the eighth-generation Golf due to a software error. Skoda recalled the co-platform Octavia for the same reason.

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Besides, Volkswagen had difficulties with software for the ID. 3. The company was unable to develop software for the model properly, which caused deliveries to be delayed.

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