Porsche Does Not Consider Tesla Its Direct Competitor

With the Taycan's release, Porsche as it were entered the territory of Tesla.

Thus, the companies have become key competitors in the segment of premium electric vehicles. However, this comparison is not acceptable to Porsche’s management, who does not consider the American manufacturer as a competitor.

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According to Member of the Executive Board Research and Development of Porsche Michael Steiner, Tesla, improving car batteries, aims to increase the range of EVs. At the same time, high battery power and fast charging are fundamental for Porsche. In accordance with these criteria, the company conducts development.

Besides, Tesla’s batteries use round cells, a different chemical composition, and a different cooling concept than Porsche's. Another significant difference between the companies is that the German manufacturer produces not only electric engines but also ICEs. That is, Porsche is focused on different segments, not on one direction. That is why the comparison of the two companies, according to Porsche, is incorrect.

We believe in smaller, lighter and therefore cheaper batteries that can be charged faster. We do not seek to be a leader in the field of electric vehicles, but we still continue to develop it as we see it,

the company concluded.

Steiner also clarified that the company does not plan to fully focus on the production of EVs and will continue to develop all areas equally. After all, cars with different powertrains are in demand in different regions of the world. Porsche does not intend to lose any of the markets.

In addition to the PPE platform, Porsche plans to develop an all-electric architecture for supercars in the future. After all, this direction is also very promising. According to Steiner, the new technology will be more relevant for roadsters.

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