Porsche to Release Two Powerful Electric Vehicles

Porsche will introduce the electric Taycan Sport Turismo by the end of 2020 and the new Macan in 2022.

Porsche shared its plans for the model line development during the annual closing conference. As indicated in the brand's strategic development plan, Porsche is currently preparing a production variant of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept debuted in Geneva in 2018. The premiere of the first pre-production variant of the electric Porsche Taycan is scheduled in late 2020. The new vehicle will be released under the trade name Taycan Cross Turismo. Other modifications of the Taycan Cross Turismo are promised to be available in the future.

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Porsche’s 200-page document mentions an electric modification of the next-generation Porsche Macan SUV. The new Macan will be built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPC) developed by the company together with Audi. The new SUV is planned to be launched on the market in 2022. Its size and shape are comparable to the A5 Sportback.

Serial production of the electric Porsche Macan will be launched at the factory in Leipzig. More than €600 million will be invested in the factory modernization and the construction of a new body shop. It is planned to produce EVs in parallel with ICE models. Moreover, Porsche will launch chassis production for eco-friendly SUVs. It is worth noting that running gears for the Macan and the Panamera are supplied by a third-party manufacturer.

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All these efforts are aimed at achieving a specific goal – hybrid and EV sales should reach 50% of the total volume by 2025. Porsche will spend about €10 billion for the model line electrification and the launch of new hybrid and electric cars over the next 4 years.

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