Porsche Poaches Employees From Audi

Record demand for the Porsche Taycan is the main reason for the company's actions to poach employees from Audi.

Porsche does not hide the fact that they do not have time to complete all the planned deliveries of the Taycan on time. That is why they need more labor than ever before. We are talking about competent employees who do not need to be trained. The only way to find such people is to poach colleagues from Audi.

Porsche Poaches Employees From Audi photo 2

This is exactly what happened. Audi’s employees went to work at the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen. However, this is not permanent but only to help with timely deliveries of the Porsche EV. The manufacturer itself believes otherwise. Porsche will need this assistance from Audi for about 2 years.

Porsche Poaches Employees From Audi photo 3

The fact that Audi’s employees actually moved to work at Porsche was confirmed by the company. The Audi representative notes that this is a temporary phenomenon. He also explains that the transition of workers from Neckarsulm to Zuffenhausen began in June and has not ended yet.

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The reason is the delay in the planned release of the Taycan, including due to the pandemic. In the first half of the year, the company managed to collect only 4,480 electric vehicles instead of planned 20,000. Plus, the release of the «affordable» 4S in the US and the standard RWD Taycan in China has further increased demand for the model.

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