Porsche Tells about the New Low-Cost Taycan

A low-cost variant of the Porsche Taycan will lose an AWD drivetrain and a capacious battery.

Porsche intends to expand the line-up of the Taycan, which already includes the 4S, Turbo and Turbo S.

Porsche Tells about the New Low-Cost Taycan photo 2

According to Member of the Executive Board Research and Development of Porsche Dr. Michael Steiner, the new modification will get a smaller battery capacity and a simplified powertrain. In addition, the low-cost Taycan will be only rear-wheel drive. As a result, a top speed of the electric car will significantly decrease.

There will be a rear-wheel drive model with a smaller battery to make it more accessible price-wise, especially for markets that don’t need [four-wheel-drive] — places like China, where weather conditions mean you don’t need it,

Steiner said.

Porsche’s representative also stated that the new variant of the sports car will get the 2WD prefix in the name. As for the cost, he declined to make comments on it, citing the lack of miscalculations. After all, the project is under development and the price range will not be disclosed until the final decision on configuration is made. The model is planned to be presented in the summer of 2021.

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