Porsche Taycan: Test Drive

If very briefly and not to drag out the intrigue for a long time, the answer is yes, they can!

And if you want to learn more about the Porsche Taycan EV, read below about our test drive.

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Showing the concept of the Porsche Mission E back in 2015, the company said that they called it so for a reason and put a lot of missions on the future car: the pleasure of driving, versatility, and efficiency. The design was promising. During our test, we will try to figure out what is preserved in the production car and what is not, and how the Porsche Taycan turned out in general.

However, we had very little time to get acquainted with this electric vehicle, less than a day. But it should be enough to form the first impression. It's just a pity that it was impossible to go to the track in a test car. On the other hand, not every Porsche owner irons the asphalt of the racetrack, so we will start with “regular” rides.

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A snow-white Porsche Taycan 4S was already waiting for us near the dealership. It was surrounded by its brothers in the model range. And here you need to think hard to answer the question “What is cooler?” But I was more interested in more practical questions.

Power and price

So, there are three modifications: the Taycan 4S, the Taycan Turbo, and the Taycan Turbo S. Of course, there is no turbine inside, and this name was chosen by analogy with the “classic" Porsche. This way, it is easier to understand which of the modifications – standard or top-end — is now in front of you. Therefore, the 4S version is the simplest and least powerful of the three… Yes, it's funny to combine the «least powerful» and a 0-100 km/h time of 4 seconds. A peak power output on the test car reaches 571 hp. Yes, not every supercar can give a decent answer, and this is not the most powerful version of the Taycan! After all, Turbo S «jumps up” to the first „hundred” in 2.8 seconds.

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But an important clarification is immediately required here. The fact is that there are two batteries available for the Taycan 4S: Performance, which is considered basic, and Performance Plus, which is offered for a surcharge. They differ not only in capacity: 79.2 kWh and 93.4 kWh, respectively. The battery will also affect a power output and a peak power output that is available in Launch Control. If the Taycan with the Performance battery produces 435 hp and 530 hp, then the same model with the Performance Plus battery has 490 hp and 571 hp. This is what is installed on our Porsche Taycan 4S. The surcharge for it is about €6,000.

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In addition to the Performance Plus battery, there are a number of options, the list of which is almost two pages long. It's far from complete! So, you can «assemble» a Taycan to your liking quite painstakingly. A wide range of individualization options is always cool. This also means that there won't be many cars that are similar to each other. As for prices, a price list for the Porsche Taycan starts at about €90,000. Our test car costs about €130,000.


You can talk about the design of the Porsche Taycan for quite a long time, because style, aerodynamics and classic Porsche motifs are intertwined here, which we learn (and love) from generation to generation. Now, we are referring to the massive rear end with muscular wheel arches: the 911 genes are immediately felt here.

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It has something of the Panamera. But the Taycan is slightly smaller and it's… a sedan. Or fastback, this is even more interesting. After all, the trunk lid here opens separately from the rear window. The rapid roof line that is panoramic throughout its entire area and taillights make the EV quite spectacular. There are a lot of such elements in the front.

Efficiency is also not forgotten. For example, the vertical elements under the led matrix headlights are through, which further improves the aerodynamics of the model. The «gills» behind the wheel arches serve the same purpose.


The interior meets with red and black colors and an almost instantaneous feeling that you are at the wheel of a Porsche. By the way, the red color of the finish turned out to be multi-faceted, and depending on the lighting, it can change its hue, so the camera does not accurately convey its color. There is no doubt: this newcomer is also from the Porsche sports family!

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What's the most unusual thing about the interior? Perhaps, it is a separate tablet for the front passenger on which you can display dashboard readings. Feel like a co-driver! There are four tablets in total. The driver's is the largest: it is wide and slightly curved, with a diagonal of 16.8 inches. It is divided into three main zones, each of which can be configured at your own discretion.

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A 10.9-inch infotainment system in the center is quite common: it is touch-sensitive, with a large number of submenus. But the interface is simple and logical, so there are no problems. Next to it, there is the same tablet but for the passenger, and all this part of the fascia is made very stylish. By the way, the passenger’s tablet will only work when someone is sitting in front of it.

Porsche Taycan: Test Drive photo 9

Finally, the fourth is an 8.4-inch tablet on the center console. It is installed at a high angle, and there is a free space under it. That is, the console turned out to be floating.

And here is another highlight: the air flow distribution is configured only through the submenu on the central tablet. Wherever you point your finger, it will blow. The deflectors are not manually adjustable. This is unusual but effective.

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Is it comfortable to sit in the front? You bet! It is quite spacious; the seats have good armrests; there is heating and ventilation, and a transparent roof over your head. Moreover, its transparency is adjusted automatically, depending on the brightness of the light on the street. This same roof provides precious space to the rear passengers as well.

Porsche Taycan: Test Drive photo 11

In order to comfortably accommodate two rear passengers (the third place is also there, but it is optional), the engineers went to another trick. The lithium-ion battery, which is located “in the base” of the electric vehicle, has depressions in the legroom. This can only be seen on the layout diagram, but it is not noticeable from the outside.

Porsche Taycan: Test Drive photo 12

There are also two trunks here. The rear trunk is 407 liters, and the front one located under the hood is 81 liters. It will be convenient to store cables for charging the battery.


The Porsche Taycan was fully charged for our test. The car had a drive range of 440 km. With the Performance Plus battery, the manufacturer promises about 463 km (WLTP). One full charge should be enough for 524 km in the city due to the more frequent use of recuperation (when the battery is charged during braking). But this is all in theory, and a lot will depend on the weather, style and mode of driving, and how you drove before. And here are several of driving modes.

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As for charging, there are two connectors – Type 2 (Mennekes) and Combo. According to the latter, the electric vehicle can be charged up to 150 kWh, which means that the battery is “fully charged” in less than an hour. But in our reality, there are still charges that give only 50 kWh via the CCS /Combo connector. The Type 2 (Mennekes) receives 11 kWh, and if the charging station correctly produces them, then a full charge is promised for 9 hours.

Porsche Taycan: Test Drive photo 14

The Porsche Taycan goes very fast, you forget what kind of traction you are driving, but the feeling that you are at the wheel of a Porsche sports car is always with you. Here you can even turn on a sound imitation of the internal combustion engine, if anything. But even without it, you will enjoy the car a lot. According to a Racelogic device, its 0-100km/h time is 3.9 seconds!

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This is fast! You are pressed into the back, a slight chill runs through your body, and a feeling of weightlessness is felt in your legs. In addition, starting with the launch control means a light slap on the head with the headrest. It can even be adjusted here not by height but by pressure.

The «acceleration-deceleration-acceleration” combo is impressive. Six-piston calipers and 14-diameter brake discs are responsible for slowing down here. Yes, these ones are like the wheels rims of compact cars. And the Taycan repeats such combos tirelessly one by one. An untrained driver is more likely to get tired than the car.

Porsche Taycan: Test Drive photo 16

Passing turns is like on rails. Of course, the laws of physics can't be deceived, but the Taycan Taikan so clearly and easily stands on the arc that you start to feel like a real ACE. The main thing is not to be deceived very much, because neither passive nor active security does not want to be checked. The secret here is not only in the stunningly low center of gravity (it is lower than that of the 911) but also in the constant all-wheel drive and air suspension. It can also lift the Taycan if you need to pass a small barrier. But at speed, the car will still «sit down” and press against the road. Yes, it is dense and rigid, aimed primarily at active driving and only then at comfort, being able to „swallow” any holes. Of course, it is even more clamped in the Sport Plus mode. But it is just designed for tracks, rather than for the city.

Porsche Taycan: Test Drive photo 17

What is about the fuel efficiency? Of course, our drive was not very indicative in this regard, but we got the stated 25.6 kWh/100 km. Actually, our figure was about 25 kWh. By the way, there are already reviews of customers who drive 400 km on a single charge.

Porsche Taycan: Test Drive photo 18

So, what is the result? The model turned out to be not just a competitor to the Tesla Model S but also its formidable rival in terms of technology, comfort, individualization, and charisma. The Porsche Taycan is noticed by everyone who has time to notice it and photographed by almost everyone who has a phone at hand. And as a fusion of luxury sedan and sports car, it is also very good. Of course, the car is not mass-produced, and a Porsche should not be like this. But the fact that it has already written its name in history. No matter how the fate of the EV industry has developed, this is unequivocal!

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