Each Porsche Electric SUV Will Receive 4 Motors

The Porsche Engineering specialists are preparing a new powertrain scheme to improve handling and maneuverability of the SUV models.

According to the idea of the Porches’ engineers, electric SUVs will be equipped with four motors — one for each wheel — which will allow you to quickly vary the amount of thrust applied to each wheel depending on traffic conditions and a type of coating.

Each Porsche Electric SUV Will Receive 4 Motors photo 2

The new solution makes it possible to instantly change the level of traction on the wheels without using mechanical elements in the transmission. Even now, Porsche has been able to configure the electronics so that it provides a constant neutral maneuverability of the car, taking into account the acceleration, steering angle and risk of skidding. Moreover, the electric motors and a special control program will allow you to avoid slipping on different types of coating.

The Porsche engineers were testing the software in real conditions over the past two winters on cars with different layouts and multiple versions of engines. The software allows implementing of all the planned functions. The new technology should appear on mass-produced electric vehicles in the coming years.

It should be reminded that there is presently only one production electric car, the Taycan 2019, in the Porsche line. The electric versions of the Macan, 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman are due soon.

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