Redesigned Geely Atlas Unveiled

The Geely Atlas, which is sold in China, has undergone a facelift and has been transformed inside and out.

Such upgrades for the Atlas are evolutionary in nature: the new car can be distinguished from the pre-styling model by a new headlight design and a cellular radiator grille pattern (a similar pattern is already used on the Malaysian Proton X70).


Besides, the SUV has got new wheel rims. Interior changes are more noticeable: a steering wheel with a new logo and a non-fixed gearbox were borrowed from the Coolray, and a 10.25-inch rectangular infotainment system is also present. As for a digital dashboard, it has been installed on the model since 2018.

Redesigned Geely Atlas Unveiled photo 2

In China, the upgraded Atlas can be purchased with a 1.8-liter turbo engine that produces 184 hp and 300 Nm. It comes with a seven-speed DCT. As an alternative, a less powerful unit (163 hp) and a manual transmission are available. Thus, with the restyling, the Atlas has lost a modification with a conventional automatic gearbox.

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Prices for the new vehicle range from ¥88,800 to ¥118,800.

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