Renault Decided to Close the Alpine Brand

Alpine is a brand owned by Renault. In order to reduce costs, the French conglomerate decided to close it.

Renault is going to cut its spending by more than €2 billion. In this way, the company expects to cope with the financial crisis. Re-equipment of the factory in Dieppe is also part of this plan. It is the factory that currently assembles Alpine’s sports cars.

Alpine A110 Alpine A110

This means that the A110 will be the latest model of this brand. According to analysts, Alpine’s history will end in 2023. Renault also plans to suspend capacity expansion in Morocco and Romania. However, the reorientation of the factory does not mean that the name Alpine will also sink into oblivion.

According to some reports, the factory in Dieppe is being converted so that electric cars can be assembled there. Perhaps future EVs will be produced under the Alpine brand. Anyway, Renault Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard said that the company will have to seriously discuss Alpine’s future.

Renault Decided to Close the Alpine Brand photo 2

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