Renault Kangoo Receives First Upgrade in 13 Years

Simultaneously with the new Kangoo, the Renault Express based the Dacia Dokker has made its debut.

Renault has introduced two new models: the third-generation Kangoo and the new Express based on the Dacia Dokker. Despite the external similarity of the cars, they are built on different platforms and their production will be established at different factories.

Renault Kangoo Receives First Upgrade in 13 Years photo 2

The Renault Kangoo was released in 1997, and its second generation was introduced in 2007. Now, after 13 years, the model has finally undergone a deep modernization. The third-generation Kangoo has received a completely original body and got a version without B-pillars, the main advantage of which is a doorway with a width of 1,416 mm. An automatic braking system and a display instead of a rear-view mirror that displays the image from the rear camera are now available as an option. This is an innovation for the light commercial van segment.

Renault Kangoo Receives First Upgrade in 13 Years photo 3

The passenger Kangoo features a spacious interior and many storage compartments. The cargo version, in turn, is available in two body length options: the volume of the base van and its lengthened version is from 3.3-3.9 m3 and 4.2-4.9 m3, respectively. Besides, Easy Inside Rack rails are installed on the floor of the cargo Kangoo to facilitate loading and unloading.

The assembly of the new Kangoo will be carried out at Renault’s factory in France.

Renault Kangoo Receives First Upgrade in 13 Years photo 4

As for the Renault Express, it will become a more affordable alternative to the Kangoo and will also be available in passenger and cargo versions (with a volume of 3.3-3.7 m3). The Express is an upgraded Dokker with an interior identical to the Arcana. The list of available equipment includes an EasyLink infotainment system, a rear-view camera, and a blind spot monitoring system.

Production of the model will be established at the Renault factory in Tangier, Morocco.

Specifications of the new Renault Kangoo and Express have not yet been disclosed.

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