The Electric Renault Morphoz Can Increase in Size

This concept will not become a production car, but it allows looking into the thoughts of the designers working on Renault's next-generation electric vehicles.

And it will teach future models to grow in size. The Renault Morphoz was supposed to make a stunning splash at the French brand's booth in Geneva. However, it had to debut online.

The Electric Renault Morphoz Can Increase in Size photo 2

Renault’s new concept is not just a showcar. It is built on the new CMF-EV platform, which was developed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance specifically for electric vehicles. The platform serves to demonstrate promising technologies and design of the French brand. And this is not a distant possibility: the brand’s production models (similar to the Morphoz) will begin to appear in 2021.The main feature of the Morphoz Concept is the ability to increase in size. In the «folded» state, the length of the SUV is 4.4 meters and 2.73 meters between the axles. The vehicle has a 136-hp electric motor, a FWD system and a 40-kWh battery, which provides an all-electric range of 400 km.

The ‘Travel' mode involves «stretching» the car, in which its length increases by 40 cm and its wheelbase – by 20 cm. This not only extends the internal space of the car but also allows equipping it with a more powerful 218-engine and an additional battery for 50 kWh, which provides a 700-km drive range. These metamorphoses take place at a special station, and the installation of batteries takes only a few seconds.

The Renault Morphoz also boasts a Level 3 driverless system, 5G networks, an interior with a 10.2-inch screen on the steering wheel, rotating seats and induction charging.

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