Renault-Nissan on Verge of Splitting

Nissan's management has accelerated the development of a secret backup plan for a possible split from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance amid the impact of the ongoing story with ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn on the conglomerate.

The possible split is the latest indication of growing tension in the alliance, which has persisted thanks to Ghosn's efforts for nearly two decades. According to Financial Times, Nissan plans to complete cooperation in the production and engineering fields, as well as to change the composition of the board in Nissan.

Renault-Nissan on Verge of Splitting photo 2

However, Renault CEO Jean-Dominique Senard hopes to maintain the partnership between the companies. Besides, new Nissan Vice President Makoto Uchida is likely still working closely with Senard to launch new projects.

It is also noted that the automakers will have to look for new partners to resist competitors in the event of the split.

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