Scientists Have Come Up with a Way to Charge Electric Cars in Motion

Electric cars entered the market with confidence, gradually replacing cars with ICEs. Along with a huge number of advantages, they also have a fairly significant drawback – a long charging time.

However, scientists have found a way to fix this flaw. They have developed a wireless charging system using magnetism that will allow electric cars to be recharged while driving.

Scientists Have Come Up with a Way to Charge Electric Cars in Motion photo 2

For the first time, this development became known about three years ago. It was presented by Stanford’s Professor of Electrical Engineering Shanhui Fan and graduate student Sid Assawaworrarit. However, the technology was too inefficient and it was impossible to apply it outside the laboratory. The idea seemed very promising, so other scientists of the university joined in its development.

The essence of the technology is that wireless chargers transmit electricity, creating a magnetic field that oscillates with a certain frequency and creates a resonating vibration in the magnetic coils on the receiving device. Such devices are intended to be built into highways and motorways in the future, where electric cars will be automatically recharged.

The wireless network will transmit up to 10 W of electricity, which is necessary for charging an electric car. As a result, the car will be recharged in a few milliseconds at speeds up to 110 km/h. The only limiting factor will be the ability of the battery to restore all the power so quickly. According to scientists, such a system does not cause any harm to people.

Of course, to say that wireless charging of electric vehicles will be implemented tomorrow or in a year would be stupid. Most likely, it will take several decades to implement it. In the meantime, this technology will be tested on driverless cars and drones that are used in warehouses and production sites.

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