Six Unique Lancia Models for $7.5 Million

All cars from the collection took part in competitions at one time.

They all have the Martini Racing livery. London dealership of exotic equipment Girardo & Co has put up for sale 6 Lancia sports cars from John Campion's private collection.

Six Unique Lancia Models for $7.5 Million photo 2

The exclusive cars belong to the times of the Italian brand’s sports glory, from which only echoes of those days can be heard. APR Energy CEO John Campion made his fortune from Showpower, which previously supplied portable generators to The Rolling Stones, U2, Kiss, and AC/DC. Campion's Lancia collection includes such legendary cars as:

  • LC2 Group C (1983)
  • Delta S4 Corsa Group B (1985)
  • 037 Rally Evo 2 Group B (1984)
  • LC1 Group VI (1982)
  • Delta HF Integrale V8 Group A (1988)
  • Beta Montecarlo Turbo Group V (1981)

The seller does not specify the cost of the collection directly, but the preliminary estimate of the car set is $7.5 million.

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