Skoda Develops Seat Belts with Changing Lighting

The Czech automaker has patented an innovative technology.

Skoda has developed safety belts with a light indication: the belt retainer changes color depending on whether the passenger is fastened or not. According to Autocar, the automaker has already patented the technology, so it is possible that it will be used in production cars in the future.

Skoda Develops Seat Belts with Changing Lighting photo 2

The lock button made of transparent plastic has built-in RGB LEDs, the color of which changes depending on the situation. When the passenger seat is empty, the belt retainer is highlighted in white. And when the weight sensor detects a person in the seat, the retainer lights up red, thus reminding you to fasten your seat belt. After the seat belt is snapped, the color changes to green.

There are several operation modes of the system – the belt buckle is either lit constantly, or it can be programmed to flash. This way, adult passengers will be able to monitor whether the children in the back row are strapped in.

Skoda Develops Seat Belts with Changing Lighting photo 3

The technology is under development and it is not yet known whether it will be implemented on production Skoda cars. Meanwhile, in 2019, the automaker filed 94 patent applications – more than any other company in the Czech Republic.

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