Skoda Introduces Advanced Safety Technology with Its New Octavia

New technologies are designed to ensure safety not only for the driver of the new Skoda Octavia but also for other car owners, bicyclists and pedestrians.

The Turn Assist function will be used in Skoda’s models for the first time. The Octavia will be the first car in its class to receive this innovative safety technology. Using built-in cameras, the Octavia will be able to track oncoming traffic when turning left at an intersection, as well as detect cyclists and pedestrians. If an immediate danger is detected during the maneuver, the car will stop driving and warn the driver.

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This advanced safety technology will be in sleeping mode every time the engine on. It can be activated when the left turn signal is used. While the turn signal demonstrates to other road users the driver's intent, Turn Assist will be able to provide additional assistance to avoid any potential accident.

Another new feature implemented by Skoda is the new warning technology, which is part of the blind spot detection system. It is triggered when the car is parked. By monitoring what is happening on the sides of the car as well as behind it, the system warns the driver and other passengers when it is not safe to open doors, while using warning lights and an audible alert that will continue sound until the danger is passed.

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The system works with both front and rear doors and prevents passengers from opening them in front of a cyclist, for example.

Built-in cameras of the new Octavia are able to track possible hazards at a distance of up to 35 meters behind the car and at an angle of approximately 120 degrees. They provide greater confidence for drivers and passengers and indicate when it is safe to get out of the car.

In addition to Turn Assist and exit warning, there is also a collision avoidance system. The new Octavia is the first Skoda’s model equipped with this technology. The front cameras can detect potential hazards and perform controlled evasive maneuvers, whether other vehicles, bicyclists, or pedestrians are in front of them.

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The system uses real-time data provided by an array of cameras and radars to calculate the most appropriate and, most importantly, safest trajectory to circumvent a potential hazard. This calculation takes into account the distance, width, and position of a vehicle or obstacle ahead of the Octavia. Besides, the system can be used at speeds up to 140 km/h.

The predictive protection function also takes care of cyclists. It uses front cameras and radars to warn the driver if there is a chance of a collision with a cyclist. The system can activate emergency braking, if necessary.

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