Skoda to Release Its Own Roadster

Today, Skoda is absolutely not afraid to experiment, releasing more and more cars that are unusual for the company.

However, the craziest developments take place in workshops where students of the company's vocational school are actively working. They recently presented the stunning Skoda Montiaq, which represents a pickup truck based on the Kodiak SUV. Now, we look forward to their new development. It is very cool that the automaker teaches people how to do business and provides maximum creative freedom.

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What we see today is nothing more than the first Czech Roadster. The car is based on the new Scala hatchback. As you can see from the sketch, it has undergone a lot of changes, as the rear doors and seats have disappeared, as has the roof. Twenty students worked on the Scala Spider for several months to chop off its roof and upgrade the rear end to create a smoother body structure complete with a pair of humps behind the seats like that of the Porsche 911 Speedster. It is also possible to notice a center-mounted hexagon muffler and two-tone alloy wheels borrowed from the Octavia RS, where they reach a diameter of 19 inches.

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Another sketch shows that the interior has also undergone multiple changes. We see here a red line on the steering wheel, which hints that the interior will be borrowed from the high-quality finish of the Monte Carlo.

The open-top Scala will be introduced in June. It will be interesting to see how the students of the vocational school in Mlada Boleslav created a folding top for the Roadster, or the unique car will literally be left without a roof at all. It is worth noting that the students got advice and feedback from Skoda Design Department in the person of its chief Oliver Stefani.

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The Scala Spider is not the students’ first car without a roof. In 2018, the students introduced the Sunroq SUV, which was a convertible based on the Karoq. A little earlier we saw the Element Electric based on the Citigo, which did not have not only a roof, but also doors, because it was a full-fledged electric buggy. Even earlier, in 2014, the CitiJet Roadster, which was also based on the company's most compact model (the Skoda Citigo) came out of the doors of the student design studio.

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