Smart Decides to Add an SUV to Its Line-up

SUVs are in incredible demand in almost all countries of the world, so manufacturers are expanding their line-up as much as possible.

Smart, which specialized only in the production of urban subcompacts for a long time, does not stay away. The company has decided to join this segment and release a subcompact SUV.

Smart Decides to Add an SUV to Its Line-up photo 2

According to Smart’s owner Geely, this step will attract new consumers and, as a result, increase production turnover and profitability. In other words, the launch of a subcompact SUV opens up new horizons for Smart and makes the company more promising.

According to insiders, this SUV is intended to be presented after the launch of the new Fortwo and Forfour. S, the model will not be released until 2022. A unique platform will be developed for the vehicle that will be equipped with an electric powertrain. The novelty will reach 4 m in length.

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