Sony Unveils Its First Electric Car

Sony has presented an unexpected project - a concept EV called the Vision-S - at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The concept car resembles a cross between the Porsche Taycan and the Lucid Air.

Sony Vision-S Sony Vision-S

The list of the companies involved in working on the concept does not include any automakers, but there are many companies involved in creating various high-tech components. For example, colleagues from Nvidia, Bosch, ZF, Continental and Qualcomm helped Sony to develop the Vision-S. The Japanese teamed up with Magna Steyr’s engineers to design the concept platform.

Sony Unveils Its First Electric Car photo 2

The car’s designers do not go into technical details: it is only known that the model is equipped with two electric engines with a power output of 270 hp each, which allows the Vision-S to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds at a maximum speed of 240 km/h.

Sony Unveils Its First Electric Car photo 3

The four-seater is equipped with a system of 33 sensors that give it the ability to navigate independently in space. The driver's workplace consists of several monitors, including side screens that transmit images from the rear-view cameras. It is also stated that the Vision-S has been provided with a spatial sound system: speakers are integrated even in the seats.

Sony Unveils Its First Electric Car photo 4

It is not yet clear whether Sony has plans for mass production or Vision-S will remain an abstract concept in a new industry for the company. Perhaps, the final stage of the new car’s development will be its appearance on virtual tracks in Gran Turismo Sport.

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