Stolen 28 years ago pink coupe returned to 74-year-old pensioner

The extravagant car was part of a criminal scheme.

Australian police officers have returned local resident Carol Richards her pink 1973 Holden Torana. Stolen 28 years ago, the car was found thanks to a collector who purchased an extravagant model.

Stolen 28 years ago pink coupe returned to 74-year-old pensioner photo 2

Carol Richards purchased a Holden Torana in 1973. The owner called the unusual pink car Sexy Lexy. She drove an extravagant coupe every day and even participated in amateur races. The pink car was stolen right outside Richards' house in 1992. Nothing has been known about the car since then.

The first evidence was found only in 2016. Police officers managed to detain a criminal group that was engaged in hijacking, partial car modification and subsequent sale under the guise of rare copies. All hijacked vehicles were resold with broken license plates and forged documents. The pink Torana was part of this fraud.

Many years later, the unique coupe was purchased by an Australian collector of Holden models. After the man found documentation errors, he immediately contacted the police. Law enforcement officers managed to detain the suspect, a 50-year-old local resident. The man was sentenced to 2 years in prison and a fine of AU$560,000.

28 years later, the pink Holden Torana has finally been returned to the rightful owner, who is 74 years old by this time. Despite the fact that the unique vehicle was estimated at $90,000, Carol Richards said that she would not sell her extravagant coupe for anything in the world.

In early May, a Kawasaki KX owner returned his motorcycle stolen 27 years ago. At the time of the crime, Jonathan Hagenski was a 17-year-old teenager. The bike was returned to the 44-year-old owner of a motorcycle repair shop.

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