System Error That Could Cost Lives Found in Tesla Autopilot

Absolutely all Tesla electric vehicles of with a working semi-autonomous control system are at risk.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched an investigation into an emergency error in Tesla Autopilot.

System Error That Could Cost Lives Found in Tesla Autopilot photo 2

The administration reports that about half a million electric vehicles produced from 2012 to 2019 are potentially dangerous due to a system error, as a result of which the car can start to accelerate independently in autopilot mode. It is noted that most of the recorded cases of this kind occurred during short trips or when parking.

The NHTSA has received a collective appeal, which refers to 127 similar cases on 123 different cars, of which 110 were involved in an accident with a total of 52 victims. A Tesla Model S owner from California said that his car started self-acceleration when he got out of the car and had not yet time to close it.

Official comments from the company's management have not yet been received. In the meantime, the NHTSA has launched an investigation. If the facts stated in the report find real confirmation, Tesla faces huge fines. On the other hand, updating software via the Internet allows you to operatively fix any software bugs.

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