Tesla Is Accused of Imperfect Autonomous Driving Systems

It took 2 years for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to investigate the case of a fatal accident involving a Tesla Model X.

The incident occurred in 2018. Walter Huang was driving his Tesla SUV with the autopilot function enabled along the highway. His Model X reached a speed of 110 km/h, left the lane, and crashed into a bump stop. As a result of such a serious accident, the driver died.

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The accident caused a big stir in society. It was discussed for 2 years. At this time, there was a variety of versions and reasons for what happened. Initially, Tesla denied its guilt and insisted on the guilt of the driver, who was constantly distracted from the road. Of course, the manufacturer conducted an internal investigation. The company revealed that during his 18-minute ride, the driver only held the steering wheel for 12 of them. The rest of the time, he ignored the autopilot signals, and he did not fulfill the requirements 6 seconds before the incident.

In turn, the family and relatives of the deceased insisted on their version — the imperfection of the autopilot. Allegedly, the radars simply could not identify the concrete fence, as a result of which the car did not brake.

A few days ago in Washington, the NTSB announced the results of its own investigation. The experts explained that Huang simply did not know about the imperfection of Tesla's autonomous driving system. His electric vehicle periodically led to the left and, according to the experts, the victim several times contacted the service center several times.

On that ill-fated day, trusting autopilot, he was just distracted by a video game. The driver of the Model X did not keep his hands on the steering wheel and did not follow what was happening on the road when approaching a potentially dangerous area. It is worth noting that there had been 11 similar accidents earlier. The reason for such actions of the autopilot was erased road markings, because of which the system decided to turn the car to the left, straight into the fence.

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