Tesla Cybertruck to Be Able to Float

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the Cybertruck will be able to float.

From time to time, Musk actively communicates with his Twitter followers and answers their numerous questions. This Elon Musk has mentioned that the Tesla Cybertruck will be able to float “for a while” in order to overcome water obstacles. After this, Twitter users peppered Musk with questions.

Tesla Cybertruck to Be Able to Float photo 2

A few years ago, Tesla CEO already spoke about such capabilities of the company’s electric cars. In commenting on the video in which a Model S drove through a flooded tunnel, he said that the electric sedan can safely move through the water due to the fact that the battery packs are sealed. Tesla’s EVs can gain thrust from wheel rotation.

It should be noted that the body of the new Cybertruck is made of strong steel used in space rockets. Musk says that such material will not be harmed even by shots from firearms.

The Tesla Cybertruck will be offered in three modifications on the market. The basic variant with a single electric motor can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, the top-end Tri Motor truck needs only 2.9 seconds to do this. The EV can drive from 400-800 km on a single charge. It depends on the modification.

Tesla Cybertruck to Be Able to Float photo 3

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