Tesla Denies All Charges of Malfunctioning Autopilot

The company denies the existence of a critical defect in its proprietary autopilot and claims that cases of spontaneous car acceleration are falsified.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently revealed information about the investigation of more than 100 cases of spontaneous acceleration of Tesla's electric vehicles that led to accidents. The EV manufacturer has already responded to these reproaches.

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The petition signed by car owners refers to 127 cases of sudden acceleration of Tesla’s cars. Owners of 123 different cars faced this problem, 110 of which were involved in an accident with a total of 52 victims.

Tesla claims that its experts have studied the circumstances of all the accidents and concluded that these electric vehicles behaved in accordance with the program laid down in them and there were no failures in the electronics. At the same time, Tesla says that the information about the system error is completely false.

Those who gamble on the stock exchange with Tesla’s shares are interested in undermining. At least, one such person was found among the signatures of the NHTSA petition. The end of the case has not yet been set, as NHTSA conducts its own investigation of all incidents mentioned in the petition.

Tesla recalls that the company’s all EVs are equipped with sensors that track a possible threat. In particular, they fix incorrect operation of the accelerator, using automatic emergency braking in most potentially dangerous situations. The high level of safety of Tesla’s electric vehicles is confirmed by the results of crash tests conducted in the United States and Europe.

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