Tesla Is Preparing Major Changes for the Model S and Model X: Details

Most of the world's car manufacturers adhere to the traditional scheme of updating a model year of manufactured vehicles.

Sometimes, they carry out unscheduled restyling, which is often less large-scale. At the same time, Tesla adheres to a completely different strategy and updates its produced electric vehicles on a different schedule, which causes the anger of the company’s competitors.

Tesla Is Preparing Major Changes for the Model S and Model X: Details photo 2

Now, the manufacturer is preparing a large-scale update. The new project is called «Palladium» and is kept in the strictest secrecy. However, insiders were able to find out some information about the upcoming update. Thus, the project provides for the construction of new production lines, as well as some changes in the design of the Model S and Model X. We are talking about adjustments to the design of the cars and equipping them with new batteries and motors that will make these EVs more powerful and longer-range.

All the details of the «Palladium» project will be announced at the Tesla Day event, which will be held in September 2020. By the way, why the project has got this name is also unknown. After all, palladium is part of the platinum group and is used in the production of ICE cars. However, it is unlikely that Tesla intends to change its concept so much. Most likely, Elon Musk is preparing another surprise for fans of the brand.

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