Tesla Is Working On a Launch Mode Called Cheetah Stance

Tesla is developing a new software update for the launch mode system, which will use adaptive suspension for a jerk.

Tesla developed a new suspension with adaptive damping for its electric cars last year. It was implemented in the Model S and Model X. Now the company's engineers are working on a new launch mode called Cheetah Stance. When it is activated, the electronics automatically reduce the ground clearance in the front and, consequently, reduce the lift and increase the grip on the roadbed. This will allow the electric car to make a quick launch from the spot, as cars with internal combustion engines do.

Tesla Is Working On a Launch Mode Called Cheetah Stance photo 2

The new mode is already being tested by a group of electric car owners. System adjustments will be made based on their feedback, if necessary. It is not yet known when the Cheetah Stance mode will be available for everyone. This can happen either a few weeks after testing.

Several new features are currently available in early access. The most interesting of them is «Stopping at Traffic Lights and Stop Signs». In the future, it will allow the company to implement a fully autonomous control system in its cars. Tesla also plans to release a video management system adapted for action cameras or DVRs.

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