Tesla May Release Hatchback to Compete with Nissan Leaf

The information is based on the leak of an official car sketch, but there is no confirmation from the manufacturer yet.

CarAdvice has unearthed an ad on Tesla's official WeChat channel about recruiting specialists for the company's development and research center in China. Along with images of the current Tesla models, the ad contains a picture of a hatchback with classic design that is not currently in the manufacturer's line-up.

Tesla May Release Hatchback to Compete with Nissan Leaf photo 2

The ad says that Tesla is looking for specialists for the Chinese R&D center, so that the brand's cars are not only 'Made in China' but also developed in China. It is also explained that the American automaker wants to sell cars in China that will match the local taste. The only image shows a C-Class hatchback, which can become a direct competitor to the popular Nissan Leaf EV.

Tesla has never been mentioned this new model before. In 2-3 years, the company plans to release only the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Roadster, Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi. However, China has recently opened a new Gigafactory that will assemble cars to the local market. It is possible that the production site together with the R&D center will have enough capacity to build a new model. Even if such a model is released in the near future, it is too early to talk about a Tesla hatchback outside of China.

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