The Rival of the Tesla Model S to Be Premiered Later

The Air sedan was due to be unveiled at the New York International Auto Show in April.

Lucid Motors announced the premiere of its first model last winter. The new product was planned to be presented at the New York International Auto Show in April. However, everything did not work out as planned. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers had to postpone the premiere. The startup's first car is expected to debut in late summer or early fall.

Lucid Air Lucid Air

The only option remained was to hold a presentation online. However, Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson did not like the idea. He publically announced that the presentation of the Air would be postponed to August.

Rawlinson, a former Vice President of Tesla, noted that they continued to hire employees even in the current crisis. Today, the company employs more than a thousand people. Besides, according to Rawlinson, the suppliers, with whom Lucid Motors signed contracts before the pandemic, are ready to start production.

It should be reminded that the manufacturer started building its own factory at the end of 2019. Initially, it was planned to start producing electric cars in the fourth quarter of this year, but now everything can change. As for the new product, we only know that the production car will differ from the 2016 concept. The final specifications of the Lucid Air were to be announced during the premiere in New York.

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