Tesla Model S Has New Application

The Tesla Model S is turned into a silent electric hearse.

Coleman Milne and BINZ International have presented a joint project — an electric hearse based on the Tesla Model S. Given the specifics of the vehicle, the liftback has received an extended wheelbase and body, so that a coffin with a deceased could be installed in it. For the same purpose, the roof of the EV is raised.

Tesla Model S Has New Application photo 2

No technical changes are reported, but Coleman Milne states that the hearse has a range of 350 km. The longest-range version of the Model S passes 610 km, although at the beginning of this year, Elon Musk promised to soon increase the range of the liftback to 645 km. It is not yet known how much such a specific alteration will cost. According to the designers, the electric hearse exists in a single copy. They plan to provide it for tests to potential clients, whatever that means.

Tesla Model S Has New Application photo 3

Other companies have similar projects. A few years ago, the Dutch company RemetzCar presented its hearse based on the Tesla Model S. In the process of redesigning the liftback, the wheelbase was lengthened by 800 mm. At the same time, the overall length of the electric vehicle was increased to 5.8 meters.

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